A Zero-Complaint Policy Should Be the Only Policy for Medical Billing

A Zero-Complaint Policy Should Be the Only Policy for Medical Billing

While this may be obvious, patients visit urgent care centers due to an acute healthcare need. While these patients may not have comparison-shopped or vetted the center they visited like a consumer might with other kinds of investments or purchases, it is still paramount that people enjoy a professional, comfortable experience with in the clinic.

And that treatment should not end after they leave an urgent care facility. The strongest consumer-facing organizations thrive on great customer service. In the medical field, that courtesy and customer-centric approach should extend from first visit to final payment.

When patient accounts get moved to collections, the same policy should hold through. Patients deserve to be treated with respect and professionalism throughout the collection process.

Embracing a zero-complaint policy is paramount. Collections can be challenging for both the urgent care provider and the patient, but following a friendly, professional and compliant collections policy has myriad rewards. Happier patients. Improved chance for returning visits when needed. Maximized collections resulting in a better bottom line.

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